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  Brief History of Macarons - (SPOILER ALERT: They're not technically French)

Most think of France as the birth place of macarons, but this isn't entirely true.

Macarons were invented in the "old days" when royal and/or wealthy high ranking families married into other royal and/or wealthy high ranking families. In 1533, Italian noblewoman, Catherine de Medicis was married to the Duc d'Orleans, who would one day becomes France's King Henry II. The couple was just 14 years old when they married.

For the elaborate wedding, the soon to be duchess and future Queen of France requested that her personal chef create a cookie to commemorate the widely celebrated event of two great countries coming together. And so the macaron was born.

But this macaron was still not the macaron we know today. It wasn't until the late 1800's - early 1900's that we started filling the cookies with ganaches, jams and buttercreams to become the sandwiched petit four we have come to love and adore.